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Ideas shine brighter with video!

View a sample of our video works from animation to promo videos. Red Wagon Studio is a full service marketing & video production studio located in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada.

We help business owners plan and execute a social media strategy with video! Learn more about our supporting services to manage any size project from animation to video production. We got all of your marketing needs covered.

World Gym Promo Video - Produced by Red Wagon Studio
World Gym – Sizzle Reel
Portfolio of Red Wagon Studio | Voyager RV Videos
Voyager RV – Sales Videos
Fitzpatrick Winery Work Cover - 500x500
Fitzpatrick Winery – Promo Video
A Vista Villa Work Cover - 500x500
A Vista Villa – Promo Video
The Insiders - Kelowna Party Band
The Insiders – Demo Video
Jet Red Wagon Work Cover - 500x500
Red Wagon Studio – Animated Logo
Securetone Kickstarter Video with Red Wagon Studio
Securetone – Kickstarter Video
Vance Creek Hotel Work Cover - 500x500
Vance Creek Hotel – Promo Video
GRMinc Tradeshow Work Cover - 500x500
GRMinc – Trade Show Video
Roscoe Rides - Passionate Nobody
Roscoe Rides – Passion Video
Foamstream Promo Work Cover - 500x500
Foamstream – Promo Video
#3 Stabilization: How to Shoot Better Wedding Films
Ryan Lindquist – Video Blog
TMG Golf Tournament Work Cover - 500x500
TMG Golf Tournament – Fundraiser Video
Watch And Ride Work Cover - 500x500
Watch & Ride Academy – Kickstarter Video
Cellphone to YouTube Service - Red Wagon Studio
Red Wagon Video – Explainer Video
Concero Animated Logo Work Cover - 500x500
Concero Cloud Services – Animated Logo
GRMINC Logo Animation Work Cover - 500x500
Global Roadway Maintenance – 2D Animated Logo
GRMinc Animated Logo Design From Red Wagon Studio
GRMinc – 3D Animated Logo
Linda Edgecombe - Animated Video - Produced by Red Wagon Studio
Linda Edgecombe – Sizzle Reel
Vista Villa Animated Logo - Designed by Red Wagon Studio
A Vista Villa – Animated Logo
Wendy Hunter Work Cover - 500x500 - Red Wagon Studio
Sutton Realty – Animated Logo
Concero Workspaces - YouTube Production With Red Wagon Studio
Concero Workspaces – Promo Video
Robert Scott - Performance Measurement Coach
Robert Scott – Educational Video
Accelerated Learning - Rebecca Work Cover 2 - 500x500
Accelerated Learning Online – Sales Video
Ryan Lindquist - Wedding Videographer
Ryan Lindquist – Video Blog
2017 Winnebago Outllook 31N
Winnebago Outlook – Product Video
Paragon Motors Work Cover - 500x500
Paragon Motors – Educational Video
Gary Schweitzer - Work Cover V2 - 500x500
Gary Schweitzer – Sales Video