Basic Tips to Shoot Smartphone Video!

Article written by Jim Williamson, guest blogger for Red Wagon Video

Things To Address Before You Press

Picture it with a Horizontal Hold. - All videos online are shot holding cameras horizontally.  Hold your smartphone that way when you shoot.  It will ensure your video is 16 by 9 (which is the standard video aspect ratio).


How To Shoot Video On My Smartphone!
How To Shoot Video On My Smartphone!


Go steady and be safe. Always use a tripod - Hand-held cameras are all very well for Batman and Jason Bourne, but the kind of action you want is sales, so you’re much better off appearing as steady and solid as your product or service.

Don’t Zoom through it.  Get a little closer - Sure, zooming is fun, but we’ll assume you don’t want to be confused with cheap, late 1960s rock music video effects!  Simply move your camera and tripod closer to the person who is to be speaking on camera. Take it from us, it’s just more dignified. 🙂

Shed some light on the subject.  Literally - Light your video well. Your person on camera should be well lit, be it natural or electric light, full in the face.  Not blinding, of course, just enough to avoid shadows and a baggy, craggy look on their faces.  (They’ll thank you later; amazed at how good you’ve made them look). Make sure there is enough light in the room just in general.

Sound like a winner.  Use a good microphone - Always try to shoot in a quiet room.  If you find you’re not getting satisfactory results from the built in mic on your smartphone, a good lavalier mic (the kind that pins easily on your shirt or lapel) runs about $30.

When you “address before you press” you get much better results.  And then you can pass it on to us at Red Wagon to do our video voodoo, while you get back to that also-important business…of marketing your business.

We look forward to seeing your footage!

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