Ryan Lindquist, Wedding Videographer - Video Blog

Video Blogs To Grow Your Business

Ryan Lindquist has been a wedding videographer for more than 10 years. In Ryan's spare time, when he isn't doing commercial and corporate work, he is making awesome wedding videos for newlyweds. How does Red Wagon Studio help Ryan fill up his yearly booking with video?  We help Ryan craft video blogs to make a personal connection with his audience.

Why BLOG when you can VLOG?

Red Wagon Video helps Ryan Lindquist produce video blogs to reach his target audience.  Why video blogs? Here are just a few reasons to turn your blogs into vlogs:

  • A video blog is the best way to showcase your personality, talents, and expertise
  • Make a personal connection with your ideal client to build trust and rapport
  • Get more marketing reach by posting your video blog on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Video with text has a higher conversion rate
  • Vlogs can be a powerful way to build a brand following.

About Red Wagon Studio

We’re passionate about inspiring your customers to engage, share and follow your video media. Our full-on marketing & video production services can help you get the results only video can do.