How to build a kick-ass business blog

Article written by Scott Beardmore, video marketer for Red Wagon Video

Your brand is more than your company logo, it's the words that you use that make up the personality and culture of your company.  This allows your brand to connect with like-minded buyers that appreciate the value of your service or product. Likewise, a business blog is the perfect opportunity to show the personality of your brand!

Is blogging worth the investment?  Heck ya!!!  If you do it the right way.

My name is Scott Beardmore, video marketer and media specialist for Red Wagon Video. I have over 15 years of online marketing experience building effective media for national brands in Canada.  I want to share with you my personal notes on how to write a kick-ass blog to get results for your business.


My compass to get you blogging in the right direction!

In this follow-up to a live presentation I did as a member of iNetwork Kelowna, I have crafted a compass in the form of a guide to help career professionals and business owners research, plan and build a kick-ass blog to get results.

There's a ginormous amount of information on the Internet about blogging, so heads up, my guide isn't a comprehensive book on the art of blogging, but a checklist of organized notes to help me focus my blogging efforts from start to finish.

Sharing is caring, right? So enjoy my guide on "How to build a kick-ass blog for business". Like most things in life, anything good requires some thoughtful planning. 🙂

For a deeper dive into each chapter, I have provided audio clips from the live presentation. Enjoy!


Download my eGuide in PDF format:

eGuide - How to build a kick-ass blog for business - Red Wagon Video

Listen to the audio clips for each chapter:

Audio - Introduction

Audio - Get into the head of your buyer

Audio - Start your blog with a great title

Audio - Write a mind-blowing intro!

Audio - Write a kick-ass blog to find your buyer

Audio - How to generate leads with your blog - Part 1

Audio - How to generate leads with your blog - Part 2 (complete chapter)

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