The Benefits of a Talking Head Video

Written & produced by Scott Beardmore, video marketer for Red Wagon Video

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My name is Ryan, chief videographer for where bright ideas shine brighter with video! Today’s topic, What is a talking head video and how can a talking head video grow your business?

So what is a talking head video?

Video producers use the term “talking head” to describe any video like,

well like this!

A single speaker addressing the audience, which is you, on a topic of interest. The “talking head” reference comes from the framing of the video which puts emphasis on the face of the speaker.

The opposite of a “talking head” video is a “video narrative” where images or video footage is shown with voice narration.

“Video narrative” is common in PowerPoint style presentation. So which is more effective for video marketing?

Talking Head Video  vs  Video Narrative

If putting your face in front of the camera is not your thing, and your business can’t afford professional camera talent, then video narratives is a great option and can be effective to grow your business.

There are plenty of video narratives in YouTube that generate healthy traffic for marketing purposes. But keeping your audience engaged in a “video narrative” can be very challenging without a compelling voice and stimulating visuals.

Now consider this... 

As humans we are biologically programmed to engage with other people on a social level. The reflection and expression of a human face can evoke strong emotions.

Any good marketer knows, getting your audience to take action with a brand is most effective at an emotional level.

As humans we depend on reason and logic in our consumer decision journey, but emotion is the overriding factor that motivates us to get excited or have the peace of mind to purchase a product or use a professional service.

So in my expert opinion, “talking head” videos win this fight!

There are serious considerations when making an effective “talking head” video.

The #1 rule in making a great “talking head” video... Do not make a boring video!!!!

We crave to break away from our boring 9 to 5 routine.

Do you enjoy reading a boring blog? so why would your audience want to watch a boring video? And make no mistake, the quality of production in a talking head video is huge!!!

Bad light, audio and a lack luster production can have a negative impact on your video and your brand. A good marketing asset elevates the perceived value of your service or product.

So how can a well produced “talking head” videos grow your business?

“Talking head” videos have a wide variety of applications to engage new customers, exercise thought leadership and promote solutions to problems.

Here is just a few good ways to promote and grow your business:

* Educational
* Customer testimony
* Instructional
* Product announcement
* Product review
* Feature or service comparison
* Prospecting videos
* Service updates
* New service announcements
* Sales videos

And a whole lot more!!!

But, and I do mean but!

If you want to grow a healthy sales pipeline with consistent and predictable growth then one or two videos is not enough!!! Video marketing is about consistently pushing valued content to your audience on a weekly publishing schedule.

To ensure your videos have purpose and meet your business goals,

You need a comprehensive marketing plan that factors in the entire consumer decision journey. Which means understanding how consumers think, engage and buy your service or product.

By aligning videos in every stage of this journey, what marketers call the funnel,

You can deliver the right message at the right time to nurture online visitors into offline sales.

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Where bright ideas shine brighter with video!

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