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We provide the design and animation bling with expert knowledge in video production for social media to help your business produce video content the right way using a Smartphone. Simple and effective production methods to help your business save money and fill up your social media channels with Super Powered Videos!

Our Super Hero Creative Team

Scott Beardmore - Creative Director - Video Marketer

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Video Production in Canada

Booyaah! - 3 customers kicking ass with video!

World Gym Kelowna

World Gym needed a serious injection of memberships to increase market share in face of new competition. How did World Gym successfully fight back?  With a smoking sizzle reel from Red Wagon Video.  Our goal was simple, rebuild the perception of World Gym as a family-oriented fitness centre with fitness programs to live a healthy lifestyle.

A Vista Villa

A Vista Villa is a unique couple retreat in the heart of our local winemaking country. So how did we elevate A Vista Villa as a destination choice for newlyweds and anniversary couples?  Deliver royal like customer experience with a king size portion of hot romance!


Local inventor, Blair Paynton selected Red Wagon Video based on our marketing experience to craft a Kickstarter video to promote Securetone, a hyper-intelligent car security system using advanced Bluetooth and mobile app technology. To support a feature-rich Kickstarter page, we delivered a lifestyle video for millennial car lovers!

Sheery Cote - 100x100

“Red Wagon understood my audience intuitively and proceeded to make me an amazing video that somehow conveyed a Hollywood-type film-production lushness at a reasonable price. Would I do a sequel with them? In a heartbeat!”


Bockqoutes - Vertical

Need a budget for your next video project?



  • Competitive Research
  • Concept Development
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Talent Search

Video Production

  • Setup Lighting + Audio
  • Technical Checks
  • Frame Subject Matter
  • Lights, Camera, Action!
  • Shoot B-Roll


  • Video Cuts
  • Film Adjustments
  • Animations & Designs
  • 1st Draft
  • Revisions & Approval

How Can Video Help You?

eGuide - How to build a kick-ass blog for business

How to build a kick-ass business blog

Scott Beardmore, video marketer for Red Wagon Video shares his personal checklist in PDF format for writing a kick-ass blog for business to get results. Scott also shares audio clips from a live event presenting this topic for iNetwork Kelowna a business development and networking group.

How Talking Head Videos Benefit Your Business

How talking head videos benefit your business

What is a talking head video and how can a talking head video benefit your business? Join videographer, Ryan Lindquist of Red Wagon Video in this 4 minute video blog.

Does Video Dominate Social Media? - Red Wagon Studio Blog

How dominate is video in social media? Just ask Mark Zuckerberg!

According to Mark Zuckerberg, video is the future. Like many other social media platforms, Facebook is all in on video. Read this blog to learn why video should be central piece to your social media strategy.