Ten Reasons to Market with Video

Article written by Scott Beardmore video marketer for Red Wagon Video

Video in online marketing is essential to achieving higher conversion rates, engaging customers in social media and lead generation. Are you still sitting on the fence waiting to market with video?  Here is ten sharp reasons to start marketing with video:

Reason #1

Millenials and Generation X spend more time watching videos online than traditional TV! It might be hard to believe but 2017 was the turning point where digital ad spend overtakes traditional TV advertising revenue.  With the popularity of video in social media, mobile devices and video streaming platforms, 47% of the viewing audience is digesting content on handheld devices connected to the Internet. ( Sourced from AdAge )

Reason #2

As you read this blog article 81% of senior marketing execs use online video content.  This is a 70% percent increase from 2011.  ( Sourced from MarketingProfs )

Reason #3

Your video can be easily searchable in Google. Google search is arguably the top way consumers are finding your corporate message both in YouTube and Google.  This means customers are looking for answers in YouTube.

Reason #4

Your video can be shared easily and frequently. More than 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute.*

*There has to be a caveat somewhere, so here you go: the bigger guy has an obvious advantage with his videos. Meaning, maybe he’s got larger, more established brands­­ and slicker animated graphics, simply because he has a bigger budget. BUT! Never let that dissuade you. Just keep looking for ways to be more creative, ways you can do a better job of targeting, in order to reach your consumers.

Reason #5

Your video can show, not just tell. Show what it is you do; the product or service you want the customer to buy. Show how you can reached. Clearly, succinctly. That’s how your video becomes shareable. Which leads neatly to...

Reason #6

Your video can entertain/educate/inspire (All three, we hope!). More than 60 percent of consumers will spend at least two minutes watching a video that educates them about a product they plan to purchase. (Source: MarketingCharts.com)

Reason #7

Your video can permit feedback. Glance at YouTube any time of day and you’ll see comments on videos. That’s where your relationships begin and your sales follow. People love commenting on videos. Imagine gathering their comments and referencing those people in your next video! Ah, the joys of interactivity…with video.

Reason #8

Your video can be measured. Analytics are easy to get, and they’ll tell you exactly how you’re doing.

Reason #9

Your video will live forever. Well…yes, darn it, it will! Videos stay online and in Google results for ages, usually needing an executive order to be taken down. But imagine your video content continuing to work for you; in the sense that you use animated graphics as links in your content, which just means putting your customers a click away from the chance to buy the product or service you are selling.

Reason #10

Wherever your customer is…there’s your video. You see it everywhere; people not only texting and selfie-ing but also amusing themselves and others with videos. That’s why we talk about making it so interesting and compelling, especially with animated graphics, putting them one click away from buying your stuff. Because you’re already in the palm of your customer’s hand. So let’s make an awesome, graphically-animated video together and reverse it: put customers in the palm of your hand!

Like the song says, let’s give them something to talk about. With video.

About Red Wagon Video

Red Wagon Video is a full-on video marketing and media production studio located in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada. Simply said, we help companies kick-ass with video to build trust and rapport faster with potential buyers. As a result, our clients turn more potential buyers into loyal customers to get the competitive edge in their respective market.

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