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“Hitch your wagon to a star.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The Red Wagon Studio team is comprised of specialists who share a passion for media in motion. Each team member brings a fresh approach while sharing the common goal to create powerful marketing asset to help our clients grow.

Meet Our Creative Super Hero Team

Scott Beardmore,
aka: Left Brain

Video Marketer / Video Producer

Scott is digital media specialist with 20+ years of experience in corporate marketing for multiple Canadian national brands. Under Scott’s marketing efforts, was listed in Profit 100 Magazine for five consecutive years.  As the Marketing & Creative Director, Scott's primary focus is to create powerful marketing assets to help clients grow with video.  Scott provides the vision, planning, expertise and resources to help companies generate leads with valued content to meet a monthly schedule. Scott enjoys basketball, YouTube, and all things related to space.

Ryan Lindquist,
aka: Video Creature

Chief Videographer - Kelowna

Ryan is a passionate videographer. Ryan goes beyond typical event coverage to convey a desired feeling to the viewer. His unique, artistic shooting style showcases angles and perspectives that make his films stand out. Ryan is highly energetic, positive, and consistently goes beyond his client's expectations. As the chief videographer for Red Wagon Video, Ryan has worked closely with Scott on numerous corporate projects blending his exceptional skill with live event coverage with marketing and film production processes.

Kristel Joy,
aka: Miss Anime

Illustrator / Animator / Visual FX

Kristel is our senior designer with specialized skills in 2D & 3D animation. Kristel’s skills also include programming knowledge in C, C++, and C#. Since childhood, Kristel has had a passion for technology and the arts. Kristel studied computer science with honours and took courses specializing in graphics and programming in the Informatics Computer Institute. Kristel worked as an IT college instructor in STI Academic Center Naga, teaching subjects like programming, web design & development, game development, audio & video production, computer graphics, digital illustration, and animation.

Chris Malget
aka: Sonic Blaster

Sound Designer

Chris Malget is the guy who makes videos sound cool with music and sound FX.  A talented music composer and sound designer, Chris can make your animations and/or videos come alive with sound. In his spare time, Chris likes to jam on his guitars and studio listen to his favourite music composers. There is no challenge too big for Chris when it comes to sound design.

Rebecca Luciak,
aka: Camera Queen

Voice & Camera Talent
Rebecca is part of the team as a voice and on-camera talent for Red Wagon clients. With a background in theatre and over 7 years of vocal training, Rebecca knows how to work the camera and microphone to bring content to life. When not recording, Rebecca enjoys a variety of hobbies from decorating to brewing Kombucha to woodworking. Most often she can be found hosting gatherings of friends for game nights, camping with her husband, or trying out a new recipe. 

Wade Patterson,
aka: Copy Avatar

Copy Whiz & Editor

Wade Paterson is an effective communicator who is irritated by the misuse of “your” and “you’re.” Aside from his editing and copywriting work with Red Wagon, Wade looks after all communication and social media efforts for RE/MAX of Western Canada. Previously, Paterson was a reporter for Capital News newspaper in Kelowna. He has a degree in journalism and is an award-winning Toastmaster. When he’s not sitting behind a computer screen, Wade enjoys playing volleyball and soccer.

Eric Staton
aka: Obi-Wan Cuts

Video Editing Specialist

Eric’s background as a leading automation technician for companies like Caterpillar and Clover Technologies, matched with his lifelong passion for computer technology, makes him Red Wagon’s expert video editor. His love of movies, culture, and art provides the perfect balance between left brain technical execution and right brain creative inspiration to help Red Wagon clients tell a great story with video. Eric’s passions include Star Wars, music, and computer gizmos and gadgets.

Lexi Keen,
aka: Retro Diva

Camera Talent
Lexi has been the face of the Red Wagon Studio brand on screen and continues to partner with Red Wagon as a brand ambassador for current and potential clients. During her time off, Lexi enjoys experiencing the great outdoors, hanging out with her cat, Leonard, and sipping wine with friends.

Chris Monteiro,
aka: Cinematic Marvel

Videographer - Toronto

Chris Monteiro is an experienced camera operator and drone pilot who has worked extensively in new media for more than seven years. He consistently creates high-quality photo and a video content. After graduating from his film program with honours, Chris went on to produce videos that garnered millions of views from around the world. When he’s not behind the lens, Chris enjoys spending time with his son, Noah. He’s also an avid traveller who is interested in music, film, vintage cars, and keeping up with the latest technology trends.

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